Why Law Firms Are Embracing Digital Marketing Strategies

Law firms across the United States are using digital marketing strategies to reach a large audience in a way that is much more effective than traditional advertising. However, a sound and effective digital marketing strategy can go far beyond simply purchasing ad space online.

Beyond Billboard Ads

When people look for law firms, they start searching online. Since Google ranks law firms by location, visitor traffic, and other metrics, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can have the top results in front of them in a fraction of a second. People these days are more likely to search for law firms online than go by billboard marketing. Online searches yield much more information, including client reviews, related news articles, and even blog posts. Potential clients want to see if and how you engage with others via social media, and what previous clients have to say about your services.

Staying Relevant with Clients and within the Legal Industry

The age of simply having a website is behind us. An online presence is established and grown by generating content. Publishing blog articles that offer industry insight, educational pieces, observations, and more increase search rankings, boost traffc, and attract new clients. Some law firms even produce short videos or create audio spots for podcasts to keep themselves in front of their audience. Law firms also leverage ads campaigns on Facebook, Google, and Twitter to build up engagement, as well as publishing more peer-focused articles on LinkedIn to build a professional network. All of these things work together to push your law firm’s presence to the top.

Focused Digital Strategies

Digital marketing strategies allow law firms to focus on audiences by both services and location. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can pinpoint cities and regions where you wish to target potential clients, while simultaneously promoting specific services for those areas. This can be used to cast a net for business legal services in one particular city, malpractice in another, and business legal services in a completely different region. Your digital marketing team will constantly run reports to give you an in-depth look at metrics and demographics based on viewers and traffic engagements through your site and social media platforms.

In an age where billboards are being treated as the pop-up ads of the highway, law firms are gaining more traction though digital marketing than ever before. Over 200 million people in the United States alone use smartphones and other personal devices to look up information instead of paying attention to traditional marketing methods. It only makes sense for your law firm to get an edge over the competition with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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