A Guide to App Marketing

The app market is crowded and incredibly competitive. It can be difficult to find an app and launch an app marketing campaign that can help yours rise to the top of the charts. If you’re struggling to find a great marketing strategy for your latest app, use some of these helpful tips to boost your ratings and generate more app purchases.


Like any online content, keywords are  critical to effective apps. Whether you’re launching a game, personal tracker or any other type of app, you need your users to easily find it in a sea of other apps. The best way to do this is to effectively utilize keywords. Just like search engine optimization, you need to think about your app store optimization.


Don’t wait until your app is already launched to begin marketing. Aggressive marketing ahead of time can dramatically increase the interest in your app before it even launches. Once it does, you’ll already have a firm base of loyal customers who will be eager to download your app. If you’re struggling to gather enough support before the launch, it may be just the warning sign you need to continue to refine your app and marketing strategies before you commit to launching your app.


Keywords and a creative title can help, but you need to tie it all together with effective branding. Having a dynamic, engaging brand can help focus all your app marketing efforts into a concentrated campaign. Consider a strong name, visual brand and other key elements that translate well across different channels. From TV ads to in-app messages, you need a memorable and recognizable theme for your app.


Don’t forget about gathering as much feedback as you can. After the launch, you’ll hopefully have a generous amount of downloads. However, many apps stall or fail altogether. You need to understand why people are choosing your app and, more importantly, why they aren’t. Effective feedback from users can help you identify the pros and cons of your app, which will help you adjust your app marketing and design.


After you’ve put in all the work and countless hours dreaming up and designing an app, you want it to succeed in app stores. While investing in solid advertising channels can have a huge impact on your traffic, it’s also important to reflect on feedback and alter your course. Effective app marketing can be difficult, but with patience and perseverance you may be able to produce a successful app.

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