The Best Websites to Learn Basic Web Development

Whether you want to learn web development and make an eventual career of it, or you simply want more information for starting your own company website, it is important to know the basics before leaping into a project.

These three websites are some of the best for learning the basics and starting your own development project.




Just like the name says, freeCodeCamp allows you to learn the basics of developing websites free of charge. The platform uses a “roadmap” to help you learn about HTML, CSS and everything else you need to know to create a successful project. The platform also teaches JavaScript, one of the most popular coding languages for developers today, as well as urges you to work for non-profits as you hone your skills.

freeCodeCamp is perfect for people who want a structured set of lessons, want to prepare a portfolio as they learn and could benefit from coding job interview preparation tips.




Treehouse plans start at $25 per month but learning to code on its platform offers a lot more than basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The platform uses a combination of interactive quizzes, coding homework assignments and instructional videos to teach you what you need to know to meet your web development goals. The in-depth courses also allow you to connect with other students who are using the platform and on the same level as you.

Additionally, the library of courses, which ranges from basic to advanced, is massive. Treehouse is a worthwhile cost if you plan to learn for at least a few hours per week, and you receive a free, 7-day trial to ensure it’s right for you before you need to pay.


The Odin Project


While freeCodeCamp and Treehouse use mostly in-browser lessons, The Odin Project is a bit different. This free initiative project focuses on a hands-on approach and teaching the back-end part of developing websites. Following the curriculum helps you learn how to create your own development projects in specialized environments, which is more beneficial for people who hope to get into more serious work.

Lessons simulate working in real-time development projects and include an extensive curriculum range. Like Treehouse, The Odin Project also allows students to connect with each other. This platform is the best choice if you intend to make development a full-time career.


A lot more than a few HTML codes and cute images goes into the web development process. Learn the basics and beyond by choosing one of these teaching websites to help you.

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